Inspired By Joel Osteen, Kanye West To Auction Off Kim Kardashian’s First Pair Of Butt Implants To Help Fund His New Megachurch


Kanye plans on selling Kim’s original implants to help his new church get off the ground. In recent weeks it has become clear to him that he was meant to be the leader of a megachurch. Visits with Joel Osteen have encouraged West to embark on this new adventure. Joel is helping Kanye to develop … Read more


Mortician Who Had Been Stealing Testicles For Albondigas Soup, Has Been Taken Into Custody.


Houtson TX- A local mortician Stewart Stump had been removing the testicles from men that passed through the funeral home he worked at. Stump would use the balls to make albondigas soup. This had been going on for years until Stump got careless and dropped a ball. The next morning his boss, Brent Couler, found … Read more


Houston Man Arrested With Balloons Full Of Heroin In His Buttocks, Blames Bad Mexican Food.


Houston, Texas- Dwayne Macadoo went to the hospital because he had terrible stomach pains. The doctors asked the routine questions and when they asked have you eaten lately that you think may have caused this pain, Macadoo responded with, “well I just got back from Mexico and I did eat seafood and drink the water … Read more


Amish man eats family after record snowstorm traps them in house and takes off to Florida.


Miami, Florida- A ghostly pale man drew attention on the beaches of Miami. A lifeguard thought he’d talk to the man since it was obvious he didn’t spend much time at the beach and wanted to make sure he would be cautious if he went into the ocean. When speaking to the man (later identified … Read more


The Tinder “Butt Tickler” has been caught.. In Florida


Miami, FL- Ernest “Butt Tickler” Simmons is no longer matching with unsuspecting woman on Tinder and tickling their butts. After calls kept coming in to Miami-Dade PD about Simmons and his tickling ways, a sting operation was set in place. Simmons prefers women with big booty’s so detective Winters went undercover and set up a … Read more