Inspired By Joel Osteen, Kanye West To Auction Off Kim Kardashian’s First Pair Of Butt Implants To Help Fund His New Megachurch

Kanye plans on selling Kim’s original implants to help his new church get off the ground. In recent weeks it has become clear to him that he was meant to be the leader of a megachurch. Visits with Joel Osteen have encouraged West to embark on this new adventure. Joel is helping Kanye to develop … Read more

Houston Man Arrested With Balloons Full Of Heroin In His Buttocks, Blames Bad Mexican Food.


Houston, Texas- Dwayne Macadoo went to the hospital because he had terrible stomach pains. The doctors asked the routine questions and when they asked have you eaten lately that you think may have caused this pain, Macadoo responded with, “well I just got back from Mexico and I did eat seafood and drink the water … Read more