The Tinder “Butt Tickler” has been caught.. In Florida

Miami, FL- Ernest “Butt Tickler” Simmons is no longer matching with unsuspecting woman on Tinder and tickling their butts. After calls kept coming in to Miami-Dade PD about Simmons and his tickling ways, a sting operation was set in place. Simmons prefers women with big booty’s so detective Winters went undercover and set up a … Read more


Houston man who orders brides from overseas and turns them into fruitcakes has been arrested.

Houston, TX- Herbert McMaga was arrested on murders charges of 7 mail order brides who had gone missing. McMaga had been questioned on the missing women, but explained, “they used me as a way into the country. I have no idea where they are”. As Christmas season started rolling around McMaga Started gathering supplies for … Read more