Montana Man Arrested After His Best Selling Jerky Is Found To Be Made Of Human Meat

Butte, MT – 72 year old Shep Arnold has been arrested for selling dehydrated human meat A.K.A. jerky at his general store “Shep’s Goods”. Well not all “Shep’s Goods” are “Good”. Arnold has been running his store for the last 35 years and over time there became a cult following for his distinctive jerky. Most … Read more


Florida Woman Doesn’t Understand Why MAC Cosmetics Won’t Hire Her

Jacksonville, FL- Vicky Soline (26) has wanted to work in the cosmetic industry ever since she can remember. She grew up putting makeup on all dolls and was constantly trying to push the envelope when it came to her own makeup. Vicky keeps a nice orange glow by spray tanning several times a day, uses … Read more


REVENGE!! Man Injects Diarrhea From A Turkey Baster Into Other Contestants Chili At Annual Cook Off


Houston, TX- Larry Randolph was sick and tired of losing the annual chili cook off in his hometown of Houston. “My chili is just as good, if not better than anyone else’s, yet i feel the judges are holding a grudge against me and I don’t know why”, say Randolph. Randolph aimed to fix this … Read more