Trump To Donate Lysol, Hand Sanitizer and Other Disinfectants To White House Staffers. But What About Us?

Washington, D.C. – President Trump, in a rare moment of charity has decided to supply his White House staffers with lysol and other disinfectants so they may be ready in the case that they acquire COVID-19. “We have a big big responsibility to keep those close around us healthy. So I decided alone, that we … Read more


Smithsonian Says, “Dinosaurs Are Making A Come Back As Nature Repairs Damage Done By Humans During Quarantine”


Washington, DC – A Zoologist at The Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History Has been keeping a close eye on how animal life has shifted since most of the world’s population has lessened their global impact on so many things including the renewing world of animals. The animal kingdom is experiencing a freedom not known in recent history. … Read more


Wisconsin Men Arrested For Abducting, Brainwashing And Converting Jehovah’s Witnesses Into Satanists


Janesville, Wisconsin – William “Bill” Redding (53) and Kevin Waverly (31) , Have been arrested for the abduction of an unknown amount of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Records for witnesses are not as easy to come by, so an exact number may be weeks away. At least two men, Jebidiah Foresythe (22) and Wilson Bender (21) have … Read more


90 Year Old Granny Arrested For Feeding Family The Remains Of Her “Missing” Husband


Oxnard, CA – Elizabeth Montgomery was arrested April 5th without incident for allegedly feeding her family the remains of late husband for Sunday night dinner. “Once a month we would go over to Grandma Montgomery’s for Sunday dinner. The month after Grandad disappeared was a particular hard time for us all. We knew without his … Read more