Dallas Man Has Been Living With The Mummified Remains Of His Wife For 14 Years Collecting Her Disability Checks

Dallas, TX- Wayne Gibbins is your everyday Texan living on the outskirts of Dallas. He and his wife have been married for 40 years. Well technically 26 years. You see the thing is his wife Peggy has actually been dead for the last 14 years. When Peggie passed away Wayne was in such grief he … Read more


California To Legalize Prostitution As Way To Recover Financially From COVID-19 Once Pandemic Ends

Sacramento, CA- June 10th 2020, At a press conference today Governor Gavin Newsom revealed a plan to help restore the states ecomony following the COVID-19 Pandemic. The plan is to legalize prostitution. Working closely with Nevada state lawmakers Newsom has gathered enough information to put forth a plan to have fully staffed brothels by the … Read more


Michael Jackson Left Behind Time Capsule From 1995 On Neverland Ranch. You Won’t Believe What Was Found Inside!


Santa Barbara, CA – During some construction on Neverland Ranch on may 31, 2020 a man found a time capsule buried just 3 feet below the surface near the Northwest end of the property. At first the worker wasn’t sure what the contraption was. But as he was told by his boss at the start … Read more