Brittany and Abby Hensel are teaming up with Jackie and Lola Anders to star in the first ever porno featuring two sets of siamese twins.

Van Nuys, Ca- Brittany and Abby Hensel are teaming up with Jackie and Lola Anders to star in the first ever adult film featuring two sets of siamese twins. If this was any other year, this might be shocking, but 2020 is the year of the unexpected. The Hensel twins have been in the public … Read more

Man Caught Trying To Smuggle 45 MAGA Hats Onto Airplane In His Rectal Cavity. “Why Didn’t He Just Put Them In His Suitcase?”


Helena, MT- Helena Regional Airport was the site of some commotion today when a large man was caught trying to smuggle 45 MAGA hats in his anus onto a airplane. Peter Peters was stopped by TSA when the body scanner showed the hats in his ass. TSA agents asked Peter why he didn’t just put … Read more

Karen Is Locked Up In An Insane Asylum After Accusing White Cat Of Sleeping With Husband Chad And Toy Poodle 🐩 Brad


Beverly Hills, CA- Karen Wondersnatch has been locked up after found screaming at a white cat during the early hours of September 27, 2020. Apparently Karen had found her husband and the cat in a compromising situation. Not only that, but Karen’s toy poodle Felix was part of the action as well. The white cat … Read more

Katy Perry Is Having Her Vagina Made Into The Sex Toy “Fleshlight”


Los Angeles, CA- News broke over the weekend that pop superstar Katy Perry has reached an agreement with adult toy super company, Fleshlight, to produce a limited edition Fleshlight based off of Ms. Perry’s specifications. The deal between the two is reported to be worth in excess of $100 million dollars over the next 10 … Read more

10 Celebrities Who Have Taken A Life


In 1936 Howard Hughes drove the car that cost the life of a pedestrian. After an evening with Spector, actress Loni Clarkson was dead before the night was over. A rear end collision involving Gayheart, resulted in the loss of a life. Moon ran over his bodyguard trying to escape skinheads at a London pub … Read more