What?! Is Ricky Schroder Homeless, Living With 3 Alligators In A Van Down By The River At Age 50?

Los Angeles, CA- Ricky Schroder (50), has been seen at soups kitchens and sleeping in a van down by the river. Often accompanied by his 3 pet alligators. Schroder rose to popularity in the 1980’s by playing “Ricky Stratton” on the show Silver Spoons from 1982-1987. If you haven’t heard of Schroder in a while, … Read more


Alabama Man Arrested Having Relations, AKA “Hide The Eel”, With A Catfish Upriver From Baptism

Fairhope, AL- Jethro Stumpford (61), was enjoying a mid Sunday morning dip in the lake. Jethro has had a passion for the water ever since he found a fondness for catfish. Yes, the fish. According to court records the Stumpford family is “closer” than many others and intelligence is not their strong suit. Wading in … Read more


Woman Attempts To Steal Bowling Ball By Hiding It In Her Vagina, But She Dropped The Ball…


Ventura, CA- Jessica Valentine (28), wanted to surprise her boyfriend Billy with a new bowling ball for his birthday. Money is already tight due to the unexpected nature of 2020, so Jesica had to get creative. Jessica didn’t attend the school of “Hard Knocks” for nothing. Inspired by a woman who had stolen an iPhone … Read more