McDonald’s To Sell THC McCookies To Go Along With Their New “Adult” Happy Meal

Starting early 2021 select McDonald’s restaurants in the greater Los Angeles are will be serving their new THC McCookies. This is not a nationwide campaign as obviously cannabis is not legal everywhere. Two THC McCookies come standard in the new “Adult” happy meal or you can buy them on the side. You must be 21 … Read more

The “Real” Story Behind Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape. Plus, We Reveal Who Was Behind The Camera And It’s Not Who You Think!


Celebrity Land, most of us never get to visit this place or even fully understand what it is. Kim K wanted more than anything to be part of this glorious place. People knew who she was because of her parents. That had to change. Luck would have it she met Paris Hilton and soon the … Read more

The Hottest Sets Of Conjoined Twins On The Planet!


Jackie and Lola Anders hit the ground running starring in an adult film with the Hensel twins. Their talents paid off as the movie went on to gross $65 million dollars, the most ever for a debut porn star. The popularity of that film brought the Mason and McAllister sisters out of their shells., Molly … Read more