Georgia Man Gets Chicken Head Stuck On His Weiner. You Won’t Believe His Story 😂

Blue Ridge, GA- Ernest Cornwebby III (59), is just your everyday kind of fellow. Not know for his smarts or being extraordinary in any way. “Ernie” to the people of Blue Ridge, is dependable and honest. Slow, but steady. “A good man with a heart of gold. Just a little slow is all”, his mother … Read more


Joe Exotic Let’s Slip Location Of Carole Baskin’s Missing Ex-Husband Don Lewis’ Remains On Jailhouse Phone Call


Federal Medical Center, Fort Worth TX- Joe Exotic is in the headlines again, this time for a slip up on a phone call with his lawyer, Francis Bailey. Exotic, in a rage filled tirade spoke of the location of Baskin’s missing Ex-Husband Don Lewis. He started to tell his lawyer details, but Bailey Immediately interrupted … Read more