90 Year Old Grandmother Cooked Grandpa For Sunday Dinner

January 31, 2022 Bonine 1

Oxnard, CA – Elizabeth Montgomery was arrested January 26th without incident for allegedly feeding her family the remains of late husband for Sunday night dinner. “Once a month we would go over to Grandma Montgomery’s for Sunday dinner. The month after Grandad disappeared was a particular hard time for us […]


Ritz “Crackers” Now Officially Ritz Biscuits.

January 23, 2022 Bonine 0

In a stunning move, Nabisco has sent out word to various media outlets that their beloved Ritz “Crackers” will now be known as “Biscuits”. This comes after 10’s of 1000’s complaints were lodged by offended caucasians. “We received a bevy of emails and letters from people claiming that using the […]