Chick-fil-A CEO, Dan Cathy Party’s With Several Members Of The English Football Club, Manchester United. “Likes To Blow Dudes And Horns”.


Atlanta, GA- Dan Cathy 68, is not a household name, but his chicken is. Dan is CEO of Chick-fil-A and after returning from a failed trip to England where the Queen denied his request to meet, stories started surfacing of a hotel party where he was at attendance.

Cathy and the Manchester United Football team were staying at the same hotel. The Guy’s from Man Utd. wanted to have a little fun with this short fat American Billionaire. Cathy was invited to one of the players rooms and handed a beer. Here’s a report of what happened next as told by an anonymous source; “halfway through his first Michelob Ultra this cunt started saying some of the most obscene things imaginable. I guess he was trying to joke around and fit in, but it was just sad”.

“I have never seen anyone handle Charlie’s fat cock quite like that little chubby cunt Dan.”

It seems not everyone is amused by homophobic rhetoric as much as Cathy. Cathy spotted a trumpet in the corner and started playing a tune. One of the players took out his massive cock and let it drop down to his knees. “Hey fat yankee, I got something for you to blow on”. And like that he dropped the trumpet and started blowing this dude.

“It was fucking out of control mate. One minute blowing the trumpet and the next he’s got 13 inches of Charlie in his mouth. He started sobbing while gagging on the massive cock”. After finishing Charlie he broke down and really started to wail. “I love the cock! I’ve always loved the cock!”. “I wasn’t much surprised” said an onlooker. “Lots of blokes who speak the loudest against something are often in denial about their love for it and this dude likes to blow dudes and horns.”.

Dan Cathy is crying “Fake News”, but Man Utd. is standing pat to their word that he started crying and sucking dick. Like most things old white men do, Cathy is trying to bury this and pacify his customers who weren’t happy about his desire for special sause.

Cathy was unavailable for comment.

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