October 15, 2021


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Dallas, TX- 29 year old Kevin Dooley has gone where not many men have gone before and had a penile implant inserted into his penis to increase the girth. This poor lad could never get a second date and it had him thoroughly confounded. Dooley has a good job, nice home and car. A sweet German Shepard and four cats. The only thing missing was a woman to share his life with.

Enter Dr. Rasmussen. “I received a phone call from my neighbor, Kevin asking for an appointment. I said my front office personnel handles my schedule, but he insisted we keep this visit off the record. When Kevin arrived He was sweating and looked clammy. I could tell he was nervous and told him to spit out whatever it was that’s on his mind. I had second thoughts about telling him that when I learned his reason for being in my office that day. He was there to request an implant to put girth into his penis. He wanted an advantage in the cutthroat dating pool of Dallas.

“I’m very pleased with the outcome of Kevin’s new penis”, Dr. Rasmussen

The procedure is actually a pretty straight forward process. The artificial girth is comprised of propriety technology and its composition will not be discussed per prior agreement with Dr. Rasmussen and Ringsssss.com. The penis has now doubled in about all dimensions in comparison to the natural one.

The ladies love cool Kevin. “I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I’m a two wanker yanker now”.

Now Kevin had the confidence and swagger of a man on a mission. He would eventually get a second date with his now girlfriend Elizabeth Courtney. When asked how their sex life was, Elizabeth didn’t blush and retreat from the question. She matter of factly told of Kevin’s prowess in the bedroom and what a great addition “Thor” was. Thor being her nickname for Kevin’s new and improved member. “I’m just so glad to do the sex now”, Kevin told us.

After the success of Dooley’s operation and subsequent relationship, Dr. Rasmussen is being inundated with requests for the same procedure. “I may do a few more just to fine tune my skills, but I’d rather not be working on dicks the rest of my life”, said the good Doctor.

We at Ringsssss.com salute you Kevin for making your dreams come true. Remember if you believe you can achieve.