Gwen Stefani Crumbling Under Blake Shelton’s Ridiculous Plastic Surgery Demands. “He wants a doll”.


Los Angeles, CA- Word has leaked that Gwen Stefani is not the driving force behind all her new plastic surgeries. You would had to have lived under a rock the last 25 plus years not to know who Gwen is or how beautiful of a woman she has always been.

Totally Natural Looking…

Blake (we’re not actually sure why he’s famous) Shelton is the one Hollywood insiders are saying is pushing Stefani to go under the knife. Ever since he was a child Blake has been infatuated with dolls and according to his 2nd cousin Jedidiah, “he wants a doll”. Gwen has always relied on her natural good looks with a little help from her makeup. It’s sad to see how she is cracking under pressure and changing her appearance so dramatically.

Her lips are new. Tummy tuck to tighten things up. Breast lift. Butt implants. Enough Botox to smile forever and a new nose. Those are just the one’s we are aware of. Each procedure no matter how small comes with risk. Risk that is unnecessary and dangerous.

Look at the difference 10 years can make. Seems 2020’s smile is forced while 2010’s looks natural.

“She misses Gavin. Blake sees her as a trophy. She misses having a true connection with someone. Unfortunately she is contractually obligated to the voice for 3 more years”, an inside source says. “Years in which it will be important to maintain the loving couple image with Shelton”. Apparently Stefani is also required to drive a Chevy Silverado and nothing else.

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