Jackie And Lola Anders Team Up With The Mason Twins For A Live Erotic Performance At Madison Square Garden!!


New York, NY- Jackie and Lola Anders (27) are riding the wave of success after teaming up with Abby and Britttany Hensel. The Anders’ sisters are not used to being in the national spotlight with the rest of the world talking about them and their talents. Enter Melody and Lexi Mason (28), fans of both the Hensels’ and Anders’. And they are also a sexy conjoined duo! They wouldn’t mind a little fanfare themselves.

Not ones to sit around and miss out on an opportunity, the Mason sisters went to work quick on their social media accounts trying to draw the attention of Jackie and Lola. Tweets, DM’s, Snapchat stories, and private videos were sent to Jackie and Lola. Let’s just say they got the girls attention!

Melody and Lexi Mason say they are ready for the big time.

The Mason twins proposed something that has never been done before to Jackie and Lola. A live performance in front of an audience. That performance? Anything your imagination could create. The setting? Madison Square Garden in front of a live audience. Jackie and Lola took this proposition and went to their legal team to figure out the legalities. Jackie got their management team on board and set them to promoting and figuring out what kind of payday they could receive.

Jackie and Lola Anders

Instead of a boxing ring in the middle of the Garden, imagine a lush erotic playroom. A bedroom ready to fulfill all desires in an open environment for the whole audience to see. The PayPerView revenues could be staggering. The encounter will be dubbed “Performance Art” as a way to wiggle through legal red tape to get party started.

Excited is not the word to capture our feelings for this TBD event. Stay tuned in the weeks and months to come as more information is sure to follow.

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