Jeff Bezos Threatens Lawsuit If South America Doesn’t Change The Name Of The Amazon Rainforest


Cootersville, Alabama- Jeff Bezos is an international man of non mystery. Many despise him yet still use his amazon services daily. He is the king of modern day capitalism and pretty much gets his way in every aspect of his life.

Bezos recently found out there is a rainforest in South America called the “Amazon” and his latest mission is to have the country rename the forest or he will take legal recourse. Surely the space man will get his way again right?

Law makers in South America laughed at this news. Since the rain forrest’s name proceeded his company’s by eons, there is no legal precedence for Bezos frivolous claims. The name cannot and will not be changed. In fact many rainforest executives are now looking into the very real possibility of suing Bezos for unpaid royalties by using the name “Amazon” which he never received permission to do.

Seems like it might have been better for ol’ Bezos if he had just kept his mouth shut.

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