Shocking News! Jessica Simpson Pregnant With Dustin “Screech” Diamond’s Love Child. She Wishes He Could Be Here For The Birth


Hollywood, CA- Jessica Simpson has been out of the spotlight for some months, leading people to wonder what has she been up to? Quite a bit it turns out. She has been quietly guarding a major secret. She is having Dustin Diamond’s Child and soon!

The two hooked up in January, a month before Diamond’s untimely death. She came to see him perform at a hole in the wall comedy club. Afterwards he apparently “swept” her off her feet. In a mad rush of emotions the two had animalistic sex for the next 11hrs. straight. And that was it. They just went their separate ways.

Pre baby booty pictures for aesthetic.

In February Diamond passed away and just days later Simpson found out she was pregnant and it had to be his child because she had not been having relations with her husband at the time. Secretly excited to give birth to a child with two accomplished actors as parents, Simpson guarded the secret carefully.

Now as she is about to pop, Jessica has told us all the truth and wishes that Diamond could be here to see the birth of their child. The yet to be born child is already scheduled to star in a Saved By The Bell reboot.

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