Joe Exotic Let’s Slip Location Of Carole Baskin’s Missing Ex-Husband Don Lewis’ Remains On Jailhouse Phone Call


Federal Medical Center, Fort Worth TX- Joe Exotic is in the headlines again, this time for a slip up on a phone call with his lawyer, Francis Bailey. Exotic, in a rage filled tirade spoke of the location of Baskin’s missing Ex-Husband Don Lewis. He started to tell his lawyer details, but Bailey Immediately interrupted and told exotic to shut up.

“There is just something odd about her. She was better off with that guy Luke Robbins”, says friends.

Bailey Knew that even though they were given assurances that attorney clients calls between him and Joe were not going to be taped, that there was a real possibility someone was listening. He was right. Because of the nature of the information, ringsssss will not be able to discuss the details of the information gathered from the phone call. Word has spread that the bomb dropped was the location of Don Lewis body.

It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the fight rising up from… my bad carry on.

Question now is how does Joe Exotic potentially know the location of Don’s remains? Texas rangers along with local law enforcement agencies are beginning a search of an unspecified location with confidence they will unearth Don’s body. Carole was unavailable for comment at the time of this writing. Joe is in luck as his lawyer F. Lee Bailey is pretty good.

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