New York ,NY- Kylie Jenner (23), was at a private club to celebrate a friends birthday. At this club was a strippers pole, drinks and one feisty Kylie. The music wasn’t to her taste. She wanted something she could shake that ample booty of hers to.

Her friend Jennifer encouraged her to “tell the DJ what you want to hear”. Kylie went up to the DJ and told him what songs to play and that “you’ll be very happy with what you see”, winking as she walks away.

“My girl needed to get up there and let loose. And holy shit did she let loose!”

It was a small (15-20) person party and Kylie was quite comfy. Unfortunately these are the only pictures of the night. Cellphones were confiscated per Kylie’s rules when you party with her.

Apparently the show was wild! “She was so drunk and able to do things on the pole I couldn’t do sober!”, one guest said. Her thicc thighs saved her life on the pole keeping her safely spinning around.

She was up there one song according to onlookers. When she stepped off stage, she grabbed three of the ladies at the club and went to the VIP room for the next two hours. What went on, we can only guess???

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