Man Dies After Drinking Wine Bought From King Henry VIII’s Collection. Historians Believe It Was Meant To Kill The King


Vancouver, British Columbia- Peter Longley (68), was a wine connoisseur for the majority of his life. Not only a fan of drinking wine, Peter was a collector or rare and vintage wine. The prize of the collection was a bottle owned by King Henry VIII. The bottle dates back to the 1530’s. It is believed to be a gift from one of the Nobles of the day for one of Henry’s many weddings.

Peter didn’t have much sentimental attachment to the bottles he collected. If he couldn’t sell it for a good profit, he would eventually drink the wine for a special occasion. The bottle belonging to the King was the rarest bottle he’s ever collected. Peter decided the story of drinking it would have more value than anything he could receive in exchange for it.

So, pop with the cork and pour with the wine. If he could go back in time, we’re sure Peter would have invited someone over as what happens next is nothing short of tragic.

10 minutes after his first sip, Peter had turned purple and died. Coroners reports that came out weeks later would find a rare poison called, “Lilly Lips Lavender”. It turns your lips purple right before your heart stops beating. The bottle had verified to have been sealed for over 500 years, which leads historians to believe the bottle was either meant to poison the King or his wife.

So for all you collectors of vintage wine collectors out there, please test your wine first.

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