Man’s Final Wish To Have His Soul Uploaded Onto Internet Has Been Granted By Google


Larry Jones (43), succumbed to injuries sustained in a car accident this past July. Larry lived on his own and kept good relationships with his loving family. When Larry was put on life support following the accident, the real possibility of his passing had hit his family.

During a search of his home, his brother Chris came across Larry’s Will. He left most of his belongings to charity and the rest would be divided amongst his siblings. Then there was a strange request at the end of the will. “I Larry Jones, of sound mind and body, would like my soul uploaded to the internet upon my passing. I have included instructions on how to get in touch with my contact at Google who will be helping in this matter”.

“I wasn’t surprised when I read Larry’s will. He was always such a dreamer” – Chris Jones

Chris Jones explained to that Larry’s contact had already been compensated for work he was about to embark on. The Google employee, who for privacy reasons will remain anonymous, was able to tell us how the process of uploading Larry to the internet actually took place. “This was a first for me. I have done some really amazing things being a part of Google. But this was different. It’s my Mona Lisa. Without getting into too much detail, I was able to replicate Mr. Jones’ DNA and find his own personal code which made him who he was. I used that data and along with many complex algorithms, was able to embed his genetic code into our Google search engine. Other undisclosed proprietary software was also used”.

What does this all really mean? It means the very fabric of what made Larry is now a part of the internet. Once his code was embedded into the search engine, that data multiplied until it reached the source code of the World Wide Web. Once that happened Larry forever became a part of the internet.

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