McDonald’s Worker Fired For Putting Blackheads In Big Macs Instead Of Onions

Houston, TX- Brent Llyod had been working at McDonald’s for 4yrs and after a demotion from shift leader back to burger guy he was upset. Brent had spent 4 good years of the prime of his life working for McDonald’s and his plan to be assistant manager now seemed out of reach.

Llyod was fuming having to take orders from not only the people he used to be in charge of but also all the Karen’s complaining about their orders and wanting free food. He needed the job so he had to think of a covert way to get back at those who were making his life miserable.

“Just waiting on Whataburger to give me a call” says Llyod

Brent was sitting in his apartment one night picking out blackheads and putting them into his collection jar were he would store them. Suddenly the thought crossed his mind, “if I put some of these in with those tiny little Big Mac onions no one would ever notice and Karen would be eating them none the wiser”.

Think twice before you bite down on your burger

The next day at work with a baggie full of blackheads Brent Llyod proceeded to sprinkle a few into every Big Mac he made until he ran out. Turns out people started noticing these weird looking onions rather quickly. Upon further inspection by the store manager it was clear Brent had something to do with this. Brent confessed and was subsequently fired.

In a statement to Brent had this to say, “hey man every now and then you gotta follow your instincts. My instincts for example were wrong, but I had to fulfill my destiny. I got an application in at Whataburger so wish me luck!”, good luck Brent and please let us know if you get hired so we can steer clear of Whataburger.


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