Mortician Delivers Child From Deceased Woman He Was About To Embalm.


Taylor Andies of Palmdale California has been a mortician for 5 years. He took over his fathers business when he retired and even embalmed his father when the time came. In his 5 years Taylor thought he had seen it all. How wrong he was!

To protect the innocent, names will not be used here on out, only “mother” and “child” will be used. The mother passed away from a sudden stroke at the age of 28. She was 9 months pregnant. Having been deceased for 48hrs. she was now ready for embalming. Gathering his tools Taylor was all set to perform a routine procedure until her stomach moved.

It was not usual for the dead to have gas and bloat, but this was different. Something was moving inside her. The child was alive! Quickly Taylor checked the mother again for signs of life, but there were none. In a calm manner not indicative of the situation at hand, Taylor performed a C-section and safely delivered the baby before calling 911.

This is the first recorded birth after death for Mr. Andies and he hopes it’s the last, “I don’t get paid enough for this shit”, he said. We agree with you.

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