Ryan Seacrest And Mario Lopez Come Out Of The Closet By Announcing They’re In A Relationship Together


Hollywood , CA- After many years of speculation Ryan Seacrest comes out of the closet in spectacular fashion by announcing he is in a relationship with Mario Lopez. Wait Mario Lopez?! You heard right! By Seacrest announcing their relationship, Lopez also came out of the closet. Lopez like Seacrest, was also believed to be in the closet for many years prior to this announcement.

Both men (47), are incredibly busy Hollywood types. Ryan and Mario account for 17 shows both on television and radio this year alone! Extremely busy men. When they first met in 2006 there was a spark, but neither were willing to act on it. Now in 2021 the world is a much different place and same sex couples are widely accepted.

Seacrest is the “dominant” partner says an anonymous source. “Mario may have the muscles, but Ryan is in charge”. One Hollywood reporter flatly said, “Who cares? This isn’t news. I wouldn’t be surprised if Seacrest devised this all to garner attention to himself to promote whatever it is he produced, starred or hosted now”.

We at ringsssss.com are not in the business of asking why. We are just happy for the two men. And of course this is satire silly 😜

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