Seattle Woman To Have Child Using Deceased Daughter’s Frozen Eggs And Son’s Sperm


Seattle, WA- Beth Simons (57) has always gone against the grain in her life by blazing her own trail. Now Simons the trailblazer will be going down a very strange but loving path when she carries the child of dead daughter.

“I recently found out that my daughter Marianne had some of her eggs frozen prior to her death. She was a busy professional that had little time for getting to know that special someone and was concerned because we have a history of early onset menopause in our family. When she was 26 the eggs were removed and frozen. She was planning for the future, but what she didn’t plan on was getting hit by a drunk driver on NewYearsEve 2017. I was devastated at the loss of my daughter. I’ve become an advocate for MADD and I think Marianne would be proud of me” – Simons.

But we’re pretty curious about her plan to carry her daughters child and whom the sperm donor may be. “My life forever change the night Mary passed away. Devistated is not close to describing my feelings at the time. During the handling of my daughters affairs I came accross paperwork from SRM (Seattle Reproductive Medecine) and it came to my attention that she had frozen eggs at one of their facilities. I was taken aback as I had no idea of this. Being her closest living relative I was the benificiary of her estate (eggs included).”

“I know this isn’t for everyone and I’m sure people have plenty of opinions, but lions don’t lose sleep over the opinions sheep”

“It took a lot of legal wrangling to get the go-ahead to have IVF treatment using her eggs in my womb, but it was absolutely worth it. I will not be going into detail of whom the sperm donor is. If they wish to speak up, they can do that and I would be totally fine with it, but that’s their call.”

At this point the interview we had to interrupt and ask the tough questions. Mary we have information that tells us your son Michael Simons is the sperm donor. What do you have to say about that? “I would say that a lot of people like to talk”. Well in that case Mary the person doing the talking is your son. “Look I don’t have contact with him any longer and that is not the point of what we were supposed to be doing today. We’re supposed to be talking about me!” Here’s a sworn affidavit from Michael attesting to the fact he is the father and has records from SRM to back up his claims. He’s says you will not let he be part of the children’s life.Okay fine. Michael is the biological father of the children and he is right I do not want him part of their lives. How could I possibly explain to them that their father is also their uncle! Mary would not answer anymore questions and we closed up the interview shortly after.

“Right now I am 5 weeks along with twins! I couldn’t be more excited!! I know Mary is looking down on us with the brightest smile and I can’t wait to tell her children all about their mother and what a wonderful beacon of light she was to all of us.”

We are excited for Beth and what’s to come. When the children are born we have been granted first access for an interview and photo-op. Stay tuned for that and an exclusive interview with Michael Simons.


    • I would have done it as well. My own daughter is a beautiful person and I would want to know what my grandchildren would be likened what they would become. However I would not use my sons spare. Not ever

  1. Good for you , a wicked way to honor your daughter, as for your son , truth is always best when it comes to children, we have to teach them honesty and even empathy, so buy starting out with a lie will bite you in the you know where down the road .
    Sorry about your loss, and yes , screw what other people think , but rember there are kids involved , peace

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