Stripper Has Unexpected Explosive Diarrhea, Slips Off Pole And Breaks Her Neck. “It was messy scene”


Seattle, WA – Karen “Destiny” Williams (27) is a dancer at the local Knockers strip club in Seattle. On Tuesday night Destiny showed up for work at her regular time and was on stage getting warmed up for the night.

Destiny has a very exciting pole routine and the place really gets hopping when she’s spinning around like an acrobat. Patrons and Destiny were in for more than they bargained for this particular Tuesday night.

“I never thought her love for tacos would end up like this”- Destiny’s mother.

Destiny was hanging upside down on the pole using her thighs to keep her up. All of the sudden there was a rumbling in her stomach and it was at that point she thought to herself, “Taco Tuesday was a bad idea”. And without warning a blast of diarrhea comes from her hindquarters spraying a good portion of the crowd. Not only did the crowd become unwitting victims of Taco Tuesday, but the explosion caused her to lose grip of the pole and she fell straight down on her head breaking her neck.

Destiny is in a local hospital in stable condition. It is not known is she will ever walk again let alone hang upside down from a pole.

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