The Zodiac Killer Has Asked The Public To Stop Saying He Is “That Grandpa Munster Looking Monster” Ted Cruz


Washington D.C.- A letter penned by The Zodiac Killer has reached scores of media outlets today. In his letter The Zodiac Killer wants to make it clear that, “While I have made many many mistakes in my life, please stop saying I’m that Grandpa Munster looking monster, Ted Cruz. The horror of his actions are so much so that even my stomach turns in disgust. He’s fucking America raw dogged style and half the country cheers him on”.

What does it say about the state of our nation when cold blooded killers are trying to distance themselves from politicians? The Zodiac Killer goes on to say, “While his constituents froze in Texas, he went to Cancun. He cares more about an unborn fetus than the living breathing children in his state. I have done evil deeds, but that is an evil man”.

Whether or not anything of substance comes from The Zodiac Killer’s letter is debatable. What we do know is that when killers speak to the low morality and constitution of our politicians, we should take a look at ourselves and ask, “Is this the best we can do?”.

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