This Woman Scammed The Car Warranty Telemarketers Out Of $1million


Wendy Clear of Beaumont Texas, was pretty tired of the car warranty telemarketers wasting all her minutes on her prepaid cell phones. They were constantly calling her even though she would tell them she has no vehicle. The calls persisted despite her pleas in protest. She needed to find a way to stop them. It was then the idea hit her, “I’m going to sign up and collect my warranty money! That’ll teach them!”. How she went about this is most interesting.

Wendy has 10 kids from 10 different dudes. This means 10 different last names. Wendy signed them all up for car warranties on a car that didn’t exist. The max these warranties would pay out is $100,000. Somehow she managed to get a hold of a rental Lamborghini. This was the “car” all her kids were getting a warranty for. Now to put the plan in action.

Wendy blew the motor of the Lamborghini driving it in first gear for about 10 miles just as fast as she could. Poof the engine was toast. A repair would cost over 100k, the max the warranty covers. She sent invoices in for each of the kids to collect the money. Once the checks came she tossed all her prepaid phones and skipped town. When no one came looking for her, she went back to Beaumont and has been living large.

But how come there have been no repercussions? Well it turns out these telemarketer companies that waste our time aren’t well equipped to be scammed. They keep poor records and never tape phone calls. If there were data stored it could serve as evidence to their nefarious operations. “It’s a risk that these companies take. If they cover their asses with recorded calls, they can catch scammers, but also implicate themselves as scammers. A real catch 22”, said an attorney with knowledge of the industry.

So Wendy Clear is free and clear. She no longer receives phone calls from any telemarketers. NONE. You can find her in the only brand new trailer at the local Beaumont trailer park.

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