Woman Needs A Replacement Vagina From A Cadaver After Multiple Surgeries Left Hers Ruined


Valeria Lukyanova (36) of Tiraspol Moldova is well known for being the “Human Barbie”. She has spent over 3 million dollars to look like she does. Not all of her plastic surgery is visible to us. “She has had extensive vaginal work done”, said a former lover. Smirnovkova has had 11 vaginal surgeries in total. At first it was strictly for appearance only, but over time her vagina had become cavernous and she wanted to tighten it up for her sexual partners.

“Vaginoplasti reconstruction surgery is usually not something people get done more than once and Ms. Lukyanova has had 6 such reconstructive surgeries. Each time the integrity of the vagina becomes more dependent on the plastic involved in the procedure, leading to possible unwanted side effects. Vaginal wall distortion is most common. What we have seen happen in her vagina has been most shocking”, Dr. Preskovichki National Doctoral Society of Vagina Majora.

You’d never know how shot out her vagina is by looking at her

Ms. Lukyanova arrived in the ER with pieces of vagina in her hands. She had a hot and heavy sexual encounter that lead to her vagina melting. She had intercourse with a man whose circumference was larger by 3x over most men. Friction built up heat and over the course of 3 hours of penetration the lips and walls of her vagina began to melt off.

Valeria grab all the pieces of her pussy she could find, but they would be of little use anymore. “This is sad to say, but we are going to have to transplant a vagina from a cadaver and reinforce the anus divider wall as well. Her nether regions have been compromised and we will have to start fresh. We will also recommend not inserting anything larger than her fist during sexual relations in the first few months following the transplant to help maintain the looks and feel of her new pussy”, Dr. Preskovichki added.

“I will have to check her vagina several times a week to make sure we’re progressing in the right direction. Some days I will have to check more than once depending on my stamina. I will be handling her case 24/7” – Dr. Preskovichki National Doctoral Society of Vagina Majora.

She is expected to make a full recovery and be better than ever. We have sent a request to her publicist for exclusive rights to photograph her new vagina, but have not heard back as of yet.

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