September 16, 2021


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Woman Smashes Husband’s Testicles In Their Wedding Photo Album After She Catches Him Cheating. One Ball Burst

Seattle, WA- Lori Williams (33), thought she was in a happy marriage. She and her husband have two kids, a dog and 2 cats. From all appearances they are a happy and thriving couple. Lori stays home with the kids and Yuri, her husband is a realtor.

It wasn’t unusual for either one to surprise the other with silly little gifts or lunch on a busy day. A surprise lunch was just what Lori was going to bring her husband. She made his favorite hoagie and even threw in a single IPA. She called his secretary to find which house he would be showing today.

At about 1pm Lori pulled up to a beautiful home and parked behind her husbands car. She heard chatter coming from the backyard. Being a curious person, Lori took a peek. Yuri was face deep in what turned out to be the future homeowners vagina. I mean he was really going after it.

Not one to air their dirty laundry in public, Lori left and started plotting her revenge. Seeing as Yuri was behaving like a single man, Lori wanted to remind him of their marriage and his vows. About 2am the next morning she quietly awoke and tiptoed to the foyer where the wedding album was on display. She let out a little sign when she lifted the 10lb. album. Yuri sleeps naked and usually throws the covers off himself throughout the night.

“My dick is useless now, but my tongue still works ladies” – Yuri Williams

Lori placed the album open and face up, gently on his thighs. She grabbed his sack and placed it in between the pages so that both balls would be on the inside when she smashed them. Grabbing the front and back covers she gathered all her might and shut that album as hard as she could on her husband’s testicles.

Yuri was wide awake in a nano-second. He jumped up and when he realized what happened he fell back down the ground in pain. One ball had deflated causing a leak of semen in his body. Not one to see someone suffer needlessly, Lori called an ambulance and freely admitted to what she had done. Lori wanted it on the record that she smashed his balls so all his friends could make fun of him endlessly.

Lori and Yuri are now separated. Since the injury to Yuri’s balls, he can no longer maintain an erection. Ironically Lori left him for the same woman he cheated on her with.