REVENGE!! Man Injects Diarrhea From A Turkey Baster Into Other Contestants Chili At Annual Cook Off


Houston, TX- Larry Randolph was sick and tired of losing the annual chili cook off in his hometown of Houston. “My chili is just as good, if not better than anyone else’s, yet i feel the judges are holding a grudge against me and I don’t know why”, say Randolph. Randolph aimed to fix this … Read more


Mortician Who Had Been Stealing Testicles For Albondigas Soup, Has Been Taken Into Custody.


Houtson TX- A local mortician Stewart Stump had been removing the testicles from men that passed through the funeral home he worked at. Stump would use the balls to make albondigas soup. This had been going on for years until Stump got careless and dropped a ball. The next morning his boss, Brent Couler, found … Read more