Why Is Amazon Buying Thousands Of Embryos Scheduled For Destruction? And Why Can No One Stop Them?


Amazon has been purchasing embryo’s scheduled for destruction at an alarming rate. It is said that by the end of 2022 they will have amassed close to 2 million embryos. The ones they are buying are past the point of viability. The fact that they are no longer viable allows them to slip through a loophole where amazon can scoop them up.

But when you travel to space, you have some pretty bright people on your payroll. It is still unclear what the plan is for all the embryos. Some conspiracy theorists believe that a race of clones with soon be employed by amazon in their warehouses to speed along their giant capitalistic wheel crushing all who stand in their way. Others think medical research is the answer.

“Unlimited Power!!” – Bezos

One theory that is being spread quietly is that Jeff Bezos himself is bringing the embryos into space and launching them to different parts of the galaxy in an attempt to make a peace offering with other intelligent life. Life must be interesting when you can put no limits on what you can do because of your bank account and the absolute willingness of the people around you to lay down and do whatever you want for their piece of the pie.

Whatever the results may be, you can bet a myriad of three letter agencies will be paying even more extra special attention to Amazon and their takeover of the world.

Until next time this has been Bart Lithgow for Daily News Reported.

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