Bill Cosby Accuses Martha Stewart Of Forcing Herself Onto His Jell-O Pudding Pop And Making Him Call Her “Daddy”


Recently freed Bill Cosby is once again in the headlines for being involved in illicit sexual activity. This time around he is the accuser. Cosby says that during a break while taping The Martha Stewart Show, Martha barged into his dressing room and stripped out of her clothes to reveal a dominatrix outfit, “I was playing with my puddin’ pop and out of nowhere here comes Martha dressed in leather carrying a whip”, said Cosby

Apparently Martha tied him up spread eagle and brought his penis to attention with an over aggressive blow job. “She made my dick raw with them teeth”, said Cosby. After he obtained an erection, Martha rode him like a raw dogged bull and demanded to be called “daddy”.

“Here I am calling her daddy while she rides me. I can’t stop once I pull out the puddin’ pop. When she’s done, she cleans herself up with my face towel and storms off. ‘You got 5 minutes to be on set’ she said on her way out. All I want is for her to finish what she started all those years ago and make my pop POP its puddin'”, Cosby concluded.

Martha had this to say in response, “Shut the fuck up you old fool. You’ve never had a piece of this ass so stop lying”.

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