Man Traveled To 23 States In Flat Rates Boxes Before Being Caught


Butte , MT- Franko Berks (27), Has always wanted to get away from his hometown of Butte. His town is famous for producing the human beef jerky guy, Shep Arnold. But Franko wanted to see parts of America that were famous for their beauty as well as their rich history.

One small problem, Franko has no means of transportation and is on a strict budget. Getting creative Franko started collecting those mail anywhere flat rate boxes from the local post office. Being a small man and very limber, Frank figured out a way to fit in one of them boxes. These were his ticket to travel on a budget. Everything seemed to be falling in place.

“This right here is the famous mailbox Franko was in. I get to fill it most days of the week. I’m single and enjoy Shep’s Jerky. If you stick your head in you can still smell the shit” Ken Wanamaker mail carrier.

He trained himself on holding his urine and shit for extended periods of time. He learned to fast and meditate. All these preparations opened up the world for him. Frank had made it to 23 states and was looking forward to more when the unimaginable happened. Frank shit himself.

Frank shit himself so bad he started to throw up and next thing you know there is shit and vomit oozing from a curbside mailbox all over downtown Butte. Passerby’s reported the stench and later Berks was extracted from the mail box and sent away for a proper wash.

It all began and ended for Franko in Butte when he let that shit slip, but his heroics have already garnered hollywood’s interest and there is a movie based on his adventures in the works as we speak.

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