Man Is Clinging To Life After 14″ Penis Reduction Surgery Goes Horribly Wrong.


Los Angeles, CA- Richard Malone (41), is comatose in the CCU (Critical Care Unit) at UCLA Medical Center. He has been in a coma for close to two weeks after his penis reduction surgery went horribly wrong. Richard is a life long AngelinĂ² and has many friends and relatives in the area.

At 12 years old Richard went through puberty like many other 12 year old boys. Strangely he would go through 2 more growth spurts in the reproductive organ area by the time he was done growing. By 21, Richard’s penis had grown to the non-erect length of 14 inches. Reports are conflicting, but according to Richard it was near impossible to get and keep an erection at any point in time due to the sheer size of his penis.

Most men would love an extra inch or two. Sadly, Richard would spend many weekend nights alone due to low self-esteem brought on by being unable to satisfy a woman. Many were the women that knew of his large penis. Impressed by its size, some would laugh when it wouldn’t get erect. Richard would find out that even a massive penis will not exempt you from being made fun of.

Aside of the sexual intimacy ramifications, having a penis over a foot in length is a major hindrance to everyday life. Many daily activities are that much more difficult when you have a massive appendage between your legs. What saddened him most was his inability to ride a motorcycle, “I could never safely, nor comfortably ride a motorcycle. Imagine having a mongoose living in your crotch, that’s what it’s like having a large penis”, Malone said.

Eventually he grew tired of having a giant useless penis, so Richard consulted the best surgeons in the greater L.A. area. His goal was simple; remove enough length to obtain and maintain an erection, but leave enough that he would still be a “good sized” man.

Sadly, penis reduction surgery is not something doctors have had much practice in performing. Most men would never entertain the idea of removing any amount of length from their penis. There were only a handful of cases to study and as a result Richard’s surgery was something of a groundbreaking event. 6-7 inches were to be removed leaving him with roughly 7-8 inches of penis. Because of the lack of precedence in this particular type of surgery, complications arose quickly.

“We are confident that given time, Mr. Malone will wake from his coma a new man”, Dr. Larry Attenborough.

Doctors removed the tip (head) of the penis before removing 7 inches of penis with a surgical saw. The plan was to simply reattach the head to the remaining shaft. What surgeons didn’t account for were the much larger blood vessels and capillaries in Richard’s penis. Within minutes of the first cut , his penis began to bleed profusely. Surgeons rushed to reattach the head to the shaft, but by that time the damage was already done. Richard slipped into a coma brought on by shock and rapid blood loss.

Richard’s penis is now entering the latter stages of healing while he remains in a coma. If and when he wakes, it will be the first chance to tell if the surgery was a success. For the mean time, thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

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