Man Slips On Period Blood At Best Buy And Wins A $250K Settlement


Chico, CA- Martin Edgewater was at Best Buy looking for the perfect gifts this past holiday season. Lines were everywhere. All the registers were backed up and people were packed in like cattle. All this commotion and traffic made it hard to see the floor and that would spell disaster for Martin.

Martin had to get out of line to use the restroom. He couldn’t hold it anymore even if it meant he would lose his place in line! He made a mad dash to the bathroom and just as he turned the corner towards the men’s room, he slipped on a puddle of menstrual blood and fell injuring his back.

“Slips and falls due to menstrual blood are on the rise”- Dr. Leaway

Covered in someone else’s blood the EMT’s arrived to offer assistance. After a quick check up at the hospital they released him with a prescription for ibuprofen for the sore back. Blood tests were also taken to see if he may have contracted anything from the menstrual blood.

Martin had lawyers calling to offer him their services in a injury lawsuit and he settled on a nice older gentlemen to handle the case. Within 2 months his lawyers had an offer sheet for $250K if Martin would settle out of court. He couldn’t sign the paper fast enough. Best Buy wanted to move on quickly and Martin wanted to get paid. The origin of the menstrual blood is still in question.

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