Over 350 Children Linked By DNA To Mailman From The 1950’s And 60’s


John (Jack) Kirkman was a Mailman in the 1950’s and 60’s in Southern California. His route was in the San Diego area. Back in those days mail delivery was more personal than it is now. No banks of mailboxes waiting to be filled. Jack knew just about everyone on his route. Week in and week out, Jack pounded the pavement from truck to doorstep.

Over the years he began to form relationships with the folks on his route and in those times the vast majority of his interactions were with housewives. He was quite a handsome man back in his time and many were the people who would greet him daily. Frequently pies and casseroles were made for him.

A lot of woman were wives of servicemen and Jack was the most consistent man in their lives. Overtime pies and casseroles turned into sexual favors of a secret variety. Now this was not common knowledge back then. People were discreet in their affairs and the absence of technology and paper trails made a covert love affair all the more successful.

“I’m actually in DNA research, so finding out Jack is my father and the fact it came to fruition through DNA testing makes it all the sweeter!”, Dr. Simon Simmons

During those years it was not unusual to find a child with different color hair than their siblings. Now with the advent of home DNA kits to test your ancestry, more and more people are finding skeletons in their family trees closets. A rash of adults in the San Diego area had controversial DNA test results, where it was clear that their father was not of blood relation at all. This led to all sorts of chaos.

After some digging and research by a former FBI profiler, Jack Kirkman was DNA tested as a possible contributor to several of the births in question. After hundreds of tests and re-tests, it was shown that Mr. Kirkman did in-fact sire upwards of 350+ children. Because of their ages and laws at time of conception, Jack was cleared of any and all legal charges that may have stemmed from missed child-support payments or the like.

“All these years I thought I was sterile. My wife and I never had any children. To think that at age 97, to hear such news! What a blessing. I now feel so fulfilled and cannot wait to meet all my children“, says Jack.

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