Man Has Been Living With The Mummified Body Of His Wife For The Past 14 Years


Dallas, TX- Wayne Gibbins is your everyday Texan living on the outskirts of Dallas. He and his wife have been married for 40 years. Well technically 26 years. You see the thing is his wife Peggy has actually been dead for the last 14 years.

When Peggie passed away Wayne was in such grief he turned to the bottle and soon was drinking a fifth of Jack Daniels a day. She had passed away in their bed and Wayne could just not get himself to go in there. Weeks passed and he never went in. He would tell neighbors she was “very ill” and to “pray for her”.

Wayne was stuck not knowing what to do. Afraid he may be suspect of his wife’s passing he did nothing. One day while collecting the mail, which had been piling up in his over stuffed mailbox were a few of Peggy’s disability checks. Wayne couldn’t let that money go to waste. He would use her phone to deposit her checks as if she was the one doing it.

Soon Wayne Gathered up the courage to take a look at his deceased wife. It had been so long that she had mummified and he seemed almost pleased at this. He started dressing her up differently everyday and placing in the living room in her recliner where people could she that she was still around. Eventually Wayne got comfortable with the “new” Peggy and would bring her into bed at night.

“We were able to solve a case no one knew needed solving. Greed got the best of him. It’s a very satisfying feeling knowing this sick individual will have to pay for his crimes”.

If Peggy were alive she would be eligible to collect social security benefits. This was Wayne’s downfall. He applied for the benefits, but wasn’t counting on the phone interview. Pretending to be Peggy on the phone he believed he had everyone fooled. What he didn’t count on was that his performance on the phone was so bad the operator called the authorities to do a welfare check on Mrs. Gibbins because she sounded “distressed” and “very ill”. Turns out Wayne makes a terrible woman.

Upon arrival authorities were met by Wayne at the door and he assured them that everything was fine and there was no need to worry. Wayne pointed to the front window where Peggy was watching her programs. Police wanted to talk to Peggy themselves but Wayne said she was feeling sick and may have “the COVID-19”. One of the officers noted that Peggy was stationary and had not moved since they arrived. Authorities pried harder and Wayne eventually caved in.

He recounted the whole story to the stunned surprise of the officers. “I’ve seen some twisted sh*t over the years, but old Wayne here is a whole other kind of twisted. I’m pretty sure he was having relations with her as well”, said one officer.

Wayne was immediately brought into custody on desecration of a dead body and collecting disability checks illegally. The district attorneys office is still compiling the case and it’s likely that more charges will be filed. Stayed tune for updates as this case unfolds.

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