Donald Trump’s Former Lover Testifies In Court That He Gave Her Genital Warts In The 1980’s


Glenda Stiller (71), was in court the other day to put on the record the story of how she contracted genital warts. The reason behind the trail was an insurance dispute between Stiller and her PPO. Her insurance was denying her claim for gastric bypass surgery on account of her not being forthcoming about her genital wart diagnosis.

Come to find out, Ms. Stiller had good reason to withhold that information. She was asked under oath why she would was not upfront with her insurance: “I acquired genital warts in the 1980’s. It was during a promiscuous time in my life that I’m not too proud about. I always always used condoms. The AIDS epidemic was in full swing. You had to play it safe. I met Mr. Trump at a society party in New York and we hit it off. We went to a room in his hotel and I was looking forward to sleeping with him. We tried unsuccessfully to put a condom on his penis for close to 15 minutes. The problem was that his penis was too small for the condoms I carried. Eventually we had unprotected sex. It was from this encounter I acquired genital warts”.

She continued; “I made no mention to my insurance because I really thought they would not find out. I was embarrassed and reluctant to mention that I have warts out of fear of retribution from Mr. Trump. When I was denied gastric bypass surgery due to not disclosing my wart diagnosis, I knew I had to come clean. I need this surgery to survive. I’m close to 450lbs. and I must speak up and tell the world the truth about my warts, Mr. Trump be dammed.”, said Stiller.

Due to her testimony, her insurance carrier will allow her to resubmit paperwork for her gastric bypass surgery and will likely approve it hastily as her health declines. Glenda Stiller had one more thing to say to us, “Never be ashamed for what you felt was right in the moment”. Mr. Trump was not available for comment.

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