Grandmother Had Sex With Dozens Of Men Until Their Heart’s Gave Out All In An Effort To Steal Their Money


Houston, Texas- Lucy Benson (81), has been arrested on 43 charges of first degree murder. The suspect has been linked to at least 15 different retirement homes where suspicious deaths have occurred.

Benson would befriend men whom had no heirs to leave money. She would gain their trust and build a relationship with these men making them think she was in love. At some point Lucy would tell a sob story of how she didn’t know how her grandchildren would be taken care of after she passed since she didn’t have a penny to her name.

Since these men had no family and had been caught up in a whirlwind of love, they would create wills where Benson’s grandchildren would become beneficiaries.

After all the documents had been signed, Lucy would seduce these men and offer them “The Blue Pill”. With raging hard-ons Bentwood would ride then for as long as it took for their hearts to give out. She literally rode them to death.

HPD police Captain Frankfurt explains the deviousness behind Bentwood’s crimes to reporters as part of a news conference on the arrest. “She would dose them and ride them.” according to Frankfurt

“As everyone is innocent until proven guilty, we are all just happy she is off the streets”, says former potential victim Johnny Gibbon.

Benson is being held without bail and faces charges ranging from assault to first degree murder. While she will be an older defendant, that will not results in the courts taking it easy on her.

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  1. Ok this is my new favorite site. I love these stories. They make me laugh. Better than the crap on the news. Quite honestly, not much different than CNN. Just kidding, kind of. Please no offense to ringsssss.

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