He Has Made Almost $1,000,000 Selling His Extra Skin


Herman Shudders Of Ojai California has battled obesity his whole life. In his early 20’s he had his first gastric bypass. After that surgery he lost 450 pounds over the course of 2 years. That dramatic of a weight loss caused an embarrassingly large amount of loose skin. He could not afford the procedure to have the excess skin removed, because unlike the gastric bypass surgery it would be classified as a “cosmetic” surgery and his insurance would not cover it.

For Herman to lose all that weight was a tremendous accomplishment, but he was still not satisfied until he could get all that extra skin removed. Then a thought occurred to him, “why don’t I sell my skin to whomever would be interested in having it?”. He imagined his skin becoming fine leather seats in exotic cars or leather couches where families could enjoy a movie night.

A proud Herman poses in a pair of his “fat” sweatpants after healing from his first skin removal surgery.

Sometime around 2012 he placed an ad online describing his situation in hopes of finding someone who would value his skin enough so that Herman could afford the cosmetic surgery and hopefully have some money left over for new clothes. He found a taker. The man wished to remain anonymous, but would arrange for everything ahead of time and pay a hefty sum of money for the skin.

“All surgeries come with risks, but with Herman there are some very real rewards for a successful skin removal”, Dr. Larry Szhiek

That first deal netted Herman Shudders $75,000. He was besides himself with satisfaction. Herman and his silent partner agreed that if Herman would gain and lose weight again that they could carry on this partnership for just as long as Herman was okay with it. To date Herman Shudders and has skin removal surgery 5 times. These 5 surgeries have netted him over $600k.

While Herman admits there are other ways in which to make money that is not so taxing on his body, he argued that he gets to eat whatever he wants and now considers gaining weight as his way of training and that the bigger he gets, the bigger the yield of skin he will have to sell to his partner. Herman is currently in the process of gaining weight and has a goal of 850 pounds, “If I reach 850, I should clear well over $100k on my next sale. It feels good to have a goal in which to strive for”.

Yes Herman, goals are good. While not many at our offices would do what Herman has, we are all in awe in of his ingenuity and hope that he does in fact make well over 6 figures on his next sale.

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