Marilyn Monroe’s Granddaughter Tragically Falls Off Chicago’s Willis Tower.


Chicago, Il- Gertrude Pettis (Maternal Granddaughter Of Marilyn Monroe) was in town to sign autographs for some of her grandmother’s super fans. An autograph from Gertrude is just the item some people are looking for to complete their Marilyn Monroe collections. For Gertrude the signings offer a way to travel and make a couple dollars while she’s at it.

Gertrude had a few hours until her next signing and decided to go to the top of Willis Tower and check out their observation deck, Skydeck Chicago. Being a pseudo celebrity Gertrude was allowed to go to an area of Skydeck Chicago not available to the general public. This secret perch is at the highest point a human can reach in America and offers breathtaking 360 degree views.

Being the windy city, Chicago can be a treacherous in the right conditions. Close to 1400 feet in the air, strong winds can be deadly. Gertrude was wearing heels which is forbidden above the 100th floor of the Willis Tower. Again being a Celeb by Proxy afforded Ms. Pettis the ability to have people turn a blind eye to the rules. A strong gust, registered at 140mph by the National Institute of Weather Chicago, caused her to lose balance in her 4 inch stilettos.

What happened next is nothing short of tragic. “Ms. Gertrude Pettis, the granddaughter of Marilyn Monroe lost her balance, bounced onto the top of the observation deck and ultimately to street level where pieces of her body were strewn in a 100 foot radius after impact”, said a Chicago PD spokesperson.

Representatives for the estate of Marilyn Monroe have not yet made a formal announcement on the accident, but one is expected in the coming days.

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