Miley Cyrus Pregnant With Hunter Biden’s Child


Miley Cyrus (29) was spotted in Los Angeles with a very noticeable baby bump. Her bump confirms rumors that she is pregnant with Hunter Biden’s (51) child. The two famously met some years back at an MTV after party where they bonded over drugs and growing up in their father’s shadows. They reconnected last year during the pandemic and have spent many weeks abroad together.

Sources close to Cyrus say that she is in amazing spirits and is head over heals in love with Hunter. “She is beyond smitten. They have come along way from Hunter doing a bump of blow off her ass to being parents. I’m not sure if marriage is in the future, because let’s face it, he is a hot mess. On the other hand I wouldn’t rule it out either”, a close confidant of Cyrus’ said.

Word has it the Oprah will be airing a special starring the two expecting parents during halftime of this years Super Bowl between the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams. The child will be Miley’s first and Hunter’s 6th! Who knows if we’ll see Miley and Hunter strolling through the Rose Garden at the Whitehouse with their baby in tow this time next year. Our requests for an interview with Hunter’s father, Joe Biden have gone unanswered.

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