Secret Necrophiliac Brothel Shut Down In Ojai California. “Scores Of Men And Women Were In Various Stages Of Intercourse With Dead People”


Ojai, CA- Late last night a S.W.A.T. team raided an underground brothel that catered to those who enjoy sleeping with the dead. Right on highway 33, this brothel blended in with the rest of the businesses on that stretch of road. During the day it was an abandoned building, but at night it was an invite only secret brothel. Having sex clubs and dens of inequity in one’s city is not totally unheard of, but the news that dead bodies were being passed around like toys between men and women alike, well that rose the ire of the earthy people of Ojai.

This past weekend a man was walking by the building and noticed a very odd smell. A smell he believed to be the decomposition of flesh. Local authorities were called in and a S.W.A.T. team was called in when an officer on scene recognized the smell to be the decomposition of human flesh. S.W.A.T. waited until night to bust the doors down in hopes of finding the place sparsely occupied. It was anything but empty when the entered.

“I was the noticed the odd smell coming out the building. I never smelt anything so awful before. I was convinced something nefarious was going on inside “, passerby Enis Vlad

Scores of men and women were in various stages of intercourse with dead people. Some corpse’s were fresh, while others that were more ripe catered to a client with different needs. Vices across all known spectrum’s were being catered to. But where on earth did all the bodies come from? And who are they? “What we have here is a crime of immense proportion. First our duty is to identify and return the bodies to their loved ones. Then we have to clamp down and find where they came from and arrest those involved. After that we will be looking at the dozens of individuals involved and how they can be held accountable”, said Sergent Clyde Reaces.

This is surely to be quite the ongoing story and Daily News Reported will be here for the very latest on this story and all the issues that matter to you most!

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