Paula Abdul’s Las Vegas Blow Jobs Will Set You Back You $10k


Las Vegas- Paula Abdul received a call about doing a residency in Vegas. Her phone hadn’t rang in a long time so the chance to impress for a residency in Vegas seemed amazing! She flew out to the desert that night. The next morning she went to the MGM where she met Curt Plums, her agent.

Curt explained to her that he was able to get her 10k per session, with the ability to do as many sessions as she felt comfortable with. Paula figured 100 nights will put her at a cool 1million. They then hailed a taxi and went for a drive to the Bunny Ranch. Paula figured Curt wanted to watch her do it with another chick, something she has done for him before. Alas, not this time for Miss Abdul. He handed her some knee pads, dropped his pants and said, “ok, time for your first session”. Afterwards he handed for 10k in cold hard cash.

“Damn it feels good to be a gangster” – Paula Abdul

Paula was floored. But she is no dummy. If each blowjob is worth 10k should could easily clear 10mil in 100 days. More if she was hungry. She put her hair in a pony tail and went to work finishing old curt off in 3 minutes flat. Drained him dry she did.

As the count stands now, Paula has blown 237 dudes in her first week, netting her 2.37mil. We wish Paula all the luck in the world and plan on paying her a visit in the near future for an exclusive interview.

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