This Mortician Cannot Wait For Your Loved Ones To Die So He Can Have Sex With Them


Lester Ottoblock is not your average mortician. This dude really enjoys his work. Not too unusual. But he loves to bang your loved ones. Don’t worry it’s a service his workplace offers. Lester will pay you $100 to go to pound town on your loved one’s if you like.

Many people choose this option as a way to send off the deceased with some quality sex. “It’s the perfect way to know that they will be entering the afterlife with a smile on their face”, says Lester. “I believe it’s the best way to send someone off. I give the family the $100, but it’s really the deceased who profits most”.

Lester will take requests. For instance if your family member or friend prefers it doggystyle, Lester can do that. If they liked to be pegged by a giant 18in. dildo, he can do that. If they like to do the pegging, Lester can set it up so it’s him the is getting his ass blasted.

While he admits this is a very specialized niche, he also believes there is room for growth. “I’m thinking of adding other people or animals as options for the deceased. At some point I would like to invites loved ones to participate as well”.

I know where I want to go when I die. Straight to Lester’s table!

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