Wife Sews Husbands Butthole Shut After He Says, “The meatloaf tastes a little funny. Did you follow the directions?”


Houston, TX- Meghan Miller (41), was arrested after her husband showed up at a local hospital with his butthole sewed shut. Travis Miller (44), wasn’t initially forthcoming when asked how he his butt got sewed up. When Mrs. Miller showed up, it was obvious to hospital staff that something had happened between the two and authorities were called in.

Separated from her husband by detectives, Meghan was questioned in an empty hospital room. At the same time Travis was giving his story to another pair of detectives. Travis admitted that he and his wife had a contentious relationship. Many times there were fights and sometimes things went flying, but never anything that would lead him to see this happening.

Here is a selfie Travis took when he learned how to take a selfie

All Travis could remember from the night before was commenting to Megan that, “The meatloaf tastes a little funny. Did you follow the directions? That’s the last thing I remember before waking up with me butthole sewed up”. Travis didn’t seem upset, but rather confused. He couldn’t fathom how this had happened to him. Maybe lab results from blood drawn will give some hints to what conspired.

Meghan would not initially speak with the detectives. After some time she hollered, “How’d you like the meatloaf motherfucker?!”. Detectives tried to get her to elaborate, but all she would say is, “like a bat outta hell, like a bat outta hell” and slowly rock in place. Not knowing exactly what to do, the detectives were able to get her put on a 72hr hold to check her mental stability while they hopefully got to the bottom, pun intended, of the story.

“The Miller case was most interesting. Had we not acted when we did, it would have been a shitty scene”

Travis was sedated while the crude anal sutures were being removed from his butthole. Once he came to, Travis was in good spirits. Oddly the blood results came back inconclusive for toxins. Mr. Miller chose not to press charges and was waiting for Meghan with roses for when she exited from her 72hr hold. So for now that’s the end of the story, but we here at ringsssss.com have a feeling this is not the last we will her from the Millers.

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