7UP To Be Discontinued. “No One Under 40 Knows What It Is”


Burlington, MA- Kuerig Dr Pepper has announced that the company will no longer produce the long running citrus drink 7UP. CEO Robert Gamgort made the announcement early October 15th regarding the long running beverage. Sales have been at an all time low.

“7UP has meant so much to all of us over the years. All of us over 50 that is. The youth in America have no use for the drink. Long ago are the days where one would ask for some 7UP to ease an upset stomach. No one is ordering 7 and 7’s anymore. Quite frankly it’s been long overdue to put this soft drink out to pasture. Kuerig Dr Pepper will use the rest of 2021 to sell off what is left and to finish promotions already under contract”, said Gamgort.

“When we merged with Dr Pepper I couldn’t wait to unload that dead limb 7UP. No One Under 40 Knows what it is. It’s like pruning a rose bush and we have to remove the parts that are hurting the bush as a whole” – Gamgort

A survey of 100,000 people ages 20-40 was conducted by Keurig Dr Pepper this year. Less than 25% of those surveyed knew what 7 UP was. 15% have only heard their grandparents mention it. While 60% admitted to having had the drink, that same 60% said they prefer sprite. There appears to be no market for the drink with the younger population.

Seems that after 101 years no one cares for the drink anymore.

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