Boyfriend Of Twins Talks About Their Sex Life


Paris, France- Becca and Brine Olderns (36), are joined at the head and have been that way since birth. These siamese twins are similar in many ways, but both have very strong individual personalities.

When they fight they can never get away from each other. When Becca drops a big deuce, Brine has to breathe the foul air. When Brine busts out the Hitachi, Becca gets wets. It’s a crazy life and it begs the question; are two heads better than one?

sometimes she Hitachi’s and i don’t want to Hitachi.

The twins boyfriend Harry had this to say, “for me the double B’s (his nickname for the pair) offer an incredible opportunity to get a sloppy BJ and my ass ate at the same time. And the sex is amazing! 3 boobs! Who wouldn’t want some of that?! Mhhhmm. But the dang ole thing is when we fight, I gotta hear it from two of them and they always outsmart me. Because of the sexual ramifications, for me two heads are better than one”, thanks for that insight Harry.

We asked the girls if they thought two heads were better than one and they told us this little gem, “we don’t really have a fucking choice Dr. J”. Got me there. We may never know the answer to this riddle.

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