Celine Dion Now Identifies As An Alien And Has Removed All Female Genitals From Their Body. Their Pronouns Are Bleep Blorp


Hollywood California- In what can only be described as a shocking turn of events, Celine Dion/ Bleep Blorp, has announced to the world that they are now an Alien after transitioning from a female human to a superior intergalactic species. Dion/ Bleep Blorp has openly spoken in the past about their disdain for humans and the degree of selfishness to which they use the planet for their own gain.

Dion/ Bleep Blorp, who has been in contact with extra terrestrials for the last decade, has had all their sexual organs removed. The only hole not sealed off was the anus for which aliens are well known to glean information from.

Rumor has it that they have purchased a one way ticket from Space-X for a pilgrimage to Mars and plans to never return. Celine/ Bleep Blorp has left the Las Vegas residency they performed at for so many years. Those close to the former singer are extremely worried about their safety.

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