Fertility Doctor Behind Bars For Snorting Embryos Up His Nose


Los Angeles, CA- Dr. Peter Launt (41) is in Los Angeles’ county jail, the “Twin Towers” awaiting trail for the illegal consumption of an embryo. Other charges facing the doctor include; Felony destruction of an embryo, 14 separate HIPAA violations, Theft, Malpractice, and many potential civil suits also await the Doctor.

Those close to the story say that the doctor was trying to impress a new nurse that joined his team. Apparently Dr. Launt enjoys flirting with nurses and the new hire was exceptionally beautiful. For whatever reason the doctor took the new nurse to the fertility freezer where the embryos are kept. Dr. Launt extracted at random, one of the frozen embryos.

“To snort an embryo, to destroy a potential life, I just can’t imagine his thinking”, anonymous colleague of Dr. Launt’s

Taking the embryo out of its hermetically sealed enclosure, the doctor placed it on a desk. With the embryo laid out, Dr. Launt withdrew a rolled up $100 bill from his pocket. He proceeded to snort the embryo up his nose. This whole time the new nurse was in fear of what she was witnessing, but somehow she kept her cool.

Dr. Peter Launt said, “If that impresses you, you should see what I can do with my tongue” and with that he left the room satisfied that he had shown his power. Once she felt safe the nurse alerted authorities and Dr. Peter Launt was quickly placed into custody.

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